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Most young quarterbacks never reach their full potential or create the athletic career they can be proud of. Why? Because they make all the typical mistakes- bad balance, improper sequencing, poor foot placement and inefficient arm angles that create poor passing mechanics and destroy arm strength and accuracy.

Proven Secrets from an 11 Year Pro QB

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Mike Pawlawski

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master the art of throwing a football

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Inside QB Secrets You'll Learn:

The most effective way to generate and harness force when you throw: So you can develop maximum arm strength.

​The single most important technique to improve accuracy.

"The 5 Stages of throwing " that every QB must master if they want to play at an elite level.

​​"HOW" and "WHY" Proper mechanics matter so that you throw with absolute consistency.

The common mistakes Quarterbacks make that destroy velocity and accuracy.

The #1 worst mistake QB coaches make when teaching mechanics.

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WHY I developed this system

My name is Mike Pawlawski. I played 11 years as a pro QB and won a world championship, but my career almost got derailed because of flaws in my passing mechanics.

I don't want that to happen to you!

The secrets that I'll share with you will get you ready for when your moment arrives.

QB Secrets is the fastest and most effective way to master throwing a football.

I earned passing titles and won a world championship once I learned these secrets. Imagine what you can accomplish!

Coaches can only coach what they know.

but very few have played the position at a consistently high level. They Don't know what it's like in the pocket

Career Accomplishments

University of California highest winning percentage for quarterbacks of the modern era.

1991 Pac-10 Co-Offensive Player of the Year

University of California record for TD passes

1992 Citrus Bowl MVP (Beat Clemson 37-13)

1992 Shrine Game MVP

Drafted By Tampa Bay Bucaneers

11 Year Pro Career including- NFL, CFL, AFL and XFL

AFL Passing leader 97-2000

AFL World Champion 1999

Arena Football 15th Anniversary Team along with fellow AFL QB's Kurt Warner and Jay Gruden.

University of California Athletic Hall of Fame

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I took over 1,000 snaps as a starter in College


3,000 live game snaps as a pro Quarterback

I understand what you’re looking for because I’ve been exactly where you are right now… Looking for coaching on footwork and passing mechanics and HOPING someone would mentor me to unlock the talent that I knew was inside of me…

If you’re having the same problem it’s not your fault...

The Quarterback Position is so unique in the world of sports with everything they ask of you that very few people have the knowledge or the tools to teach it properly...

Coaches will teach you enough to function at their level and in their system.

I had to find the answers for myself.…

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That's when i learned


You can search online and find a million different techniques that you'll never use.


You can learn how to master the 5 stages of throwing a football that determine 3 critical factors you need to throw accurately with velocity.

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Balance is #1

Getting to balance for every throw is essential. You can do evrything else right but if your balance is off your passing is off.

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Harnessing force is #2

Generating and applying force determines arm strength and accuracy. Do it right and you dominate...Do it wrong and you watch from the bench.

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Efficiency is #3

Transferring force to the ball efficiently is the final step. Arm angles, foot placement and the proper track and release are the final keys for your success.


i don't like to talk about myself...


I'll let these experts tell you about me

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Steve Mariucci-Former NFL Head Coach

"As a coach in college and the NFL, I coached some tough Quarterbacks like Brett Favre. I would put Mike Pawlawski in that category. He's tough. He's competitive. He's a leader and he's a winner. If you are a Quarterback looking to improve your game and learn how to win, Mike Pawlawski can help you!!"

Ryan Tollner-world class sports agent

'"Mike's understanding of how to lead and get the most out of yourself is in a really rare category. All the elite quarterbacks have an innate sense of who they should listen to. If you get an opportunity to get time with Mike or listen to Mike, I can not endorse him enough. He'll help you get better"

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Jared Goff

#1 NFL Draft Pick QB

"Mike was great when I was at Cal. He knows the game and he REALLY understands the QB position. As a young QB, If you get the chance to work with him, do it. He’ll definitely improve your game."

Mike Dailey - hall of Fame coach

"I coached college and professional football for 39 years. Mike is on the top of my list of guys that I coached...He gave us tremendous confidence. All of the players and coaches believed we had a chance to win when Mike was at the helm. I know this will be a tremendous experience for you (young QB's)"

Mike Hohensee hall of fame COach and qb

'"Mike's probably one of the more cerebral, talented and competitive Quarterbacks I ever coached...If you have a young Quarterback that needs some help or you're an older Quarterback that needs some help, Mike Pawlawski's the guy."

I'd Rather talk about how

I'll teach you the ultimate QB Secrets

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All-pro coaching

35 years of playing, coaching and broadcasting experience broken down into the ultimate training tool for young QB's.

In the QB Secrets E-Book I help you train perfect passing mechanics step-by-step. With all the detail, images and instruction you need to master the art of throwing a football.


Foot Placement and Balance points.

Proper Loading and sequencing to generate maximum force.

Learn how to harness both linear and rotational power.

Proper step mechanics to increase arm strength.

Perfect arm and body positions for pinpoint accuracy.

A foolproof way to increase release efficiency and speed (that you only learn from playing).

Pure Passing Mechanics

Video Trainer

Pure passing knowledge at your fingertips!

I don't just tell you how to throw, I show you in this HD video using Ultra Slow Motion and green screen technology. See the throw from every angle so that you learn EXACTLY what each step looks like. No more guessing. This video is worth months of coaching.

Make learning easy!

If you are a visual learner than this is your secret weapon!

Exclusive QB Secrets detailed in HD cinematography.

Viewable on PC or mobile. You can take this coaching with you where you train.

Use this video to develop a pure stroke. Then use it to iron out any rough spots if you hit a sticking point.

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That's A POWERFUL 1-2 punch

Whether you learn by reading, seeing or hearing, my QB Secrets E-Book and Video teach you everything you need to master pure passing mechanics and learn how to RIP IT!

Short of flying out to the Bay Area and taking QB lessons from me personally,

this is the fastest and easiest method to master the art of throwing a football!

Don't Just take my word for it...

hear for yourself

how other QB's have transformed their game!

Robbie - College QB

"He's taken my game to a new level! We went over a couple little things and now my release is more efficient. I'm throwing the ball harder. I'm throwing the ball farther and I'm throwing the ball more accurately. He kows how to make little fixes that make big changes in your game."

Sully - HS QB improved his skills and confidence

"Going into the fall I'm really confident! I improved my arm strength and accuracy and I can compete"

Matt - HS QB that loves the results!

"My mechanics, are incredibly better...My arm strength has definitely accuracy has improved so much...I feel like I can throw any route in the playbook."

jacob L.

"It's smoothened up my release... It's easy money!"

Carter - Completely changed his game

"It's gonna improve my game insanely!... It's an AMAZING difference!"

and fathers

that have made an impact on their son's life!

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jerry goff

"As a dad you want to surround your young quarterback with guys that can help his game and his career. I watched Mike help Jared while he was the Quarterback at CAL. Mike was a great quarterback and he’s a great coach. He helped my son and he can help your’s too. If you’re a young quarterback looking to improve your game Mike Pawlawski is the guy!"